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Gundam Markers Ultra Fine Black

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Elevate your Gundam models with the Gundam Marker: Black (Fine-tip for panel lines) (Renewal). Its ultra-fine tip delivers precision detailing, while the enhanced ink flow ensures consistent application. The durable finish resists fading and chipping, preserving your panel lines' sharpness.
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Key features

1. Enhanced Precision for Flawless Detailing: The Gundam Marker: Black (Fine-tip for panel lines) (Renewal) features an ultra-fine tip that allows for unmatched precision and control when applying ink to panel lines. This fine tip ensures that you can accurately accentuate even the most intricate details on your Gundam models, bringing them to life with sharpness and refinement.

2. Enhanced Ink Flow for Consistent Application: The renewed formula of the Gundam Marker: Black (Fine-tip for panel lines) (Renewal) boasts enhanced ink flow, preventing clogging and ensuring a smooth, consistent application. This improved ink flow guarantees that every stroke of the marker lays down ink evenly, resulting in crisp, defined panel lines without any imperfections or disruptions.

3. Durable Finish for Lasting Effects: The marker's ink dries to a durable finish that resists fading, chipping, and smudging, ensuring that your meticulously crafted panel lines remain sharp and defined even after extensive handling and display. This durable finish protects your hard work and preserves the pristine appearance of your Gundam models for years to come.

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Series FAQ

Gundam Markers Ultra Fine Black

Use for inking to trace hollow lines. It gives the model a three-dimensional feeling and makes it appear more realistic. The effect is stronger when you choose the color to ink according to the colour of the model parts. In general, you can use black for dark parts, grey for lighter parts and brown for red parts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the Gundam Marker: Black (Fine-tip for panel lines) (Renewal)?

The Gundam Marker: Black (Fine-tip for panel lines) (Renewal) is a specialized marker designed to accentuate the panel lines on Gundam models. Panel lines are the thin grooves that separate different parts of a model, and they can add a lot of detail and realism to a model when they are properly accented with a fine-tip panel lining marker.

How does the Gundam Marker: Black (Fine-tip for panel lines) (Renewal) work?

The Gundam Marker: Black (Fine-tip for panel lines) (Renewal) has a very fine tip that allows you to precisely apply ink to panel lines. The ink is very thin and flows easily, so it will not clog up the panel lines. The ink is also very dark black, so it will create a very sharp contrast with the base coat of paint on your model.

What is the difference between this marker and other panel lining markers?

The Gundam Marker: Black (Fine-tip for panel lines) (Renewal) is specifically designed for use with Gundam models. The tip is finer than the tips of most other panel lining markers, and the ink is darker and flows more easily. This makes the marker ideal for creating precise and detailed panel lines on Gundam models.

How long does the marker last?

The Gundam Marker: Black (Fine-tip for panel lines) (Renewal) will last for several months with regular use. However, the lifespan of the marker will depend on how often you use it and how much ink you use each time you use it.

What is the recommended age group for this marker?

The Gundam Marker: Black (Fine-tip for panel lines) (Renewal) is recommended for ages 15 and up. This is because the marker contains solvents that can be harmful if they are inhaled or swallowed.

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マシュマロ (Murray Bridge, AU)
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My number 1 favourite

This pen is perfect. Need I say more? It is fine and dark, easy to line with, dries quick but plenty of time for correction. Get it today.


Perfect for panel lining. Works a treat.

logan williams (Sydney, AU)
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Likes: Useful for my next projects
Improvements: Perfect as is
Overall review

I have order about 3 time from gundam express and they have definitely exceeded my expectations, with about a week or so delivery time and just a amazing range of products I can definitely recommend this


Great for making panel lines stand out on an SD. Easy purchase, fast delivery. Just part of larger order, but overall price was great


Ultra fast service, great product.