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Gundam Ultra Fine Marker Set 2

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Achieve precise detailing and realistic metallic finishes for your Gundam models with the Gundam Marker Ultra Fine Set 2 (6pcs), featuring 6 ultra-fine tip markers.
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Key features

1. Ultra-Fine Precision for Intricate Detailing: Elevate your Gundam model detailing with the Gundam Marker Ultra Fine Set 2 (6pcs), featuring ultra-fine 0.35mm tips that deliver unparalleled precision for intricate line work and delicate accents. Bring your Gundam creations to life with remarkable detail, capturing the subtle nuances and intricate designs that make Gundam models so iconic.

2. Realistic Metallic Finishes for Depth and Realism: Enhance the realism of your Gundam models with the muted tones and metallic sheens of the Gundam Marker Ultra Fine Set 2 (6pcs). Achieve the look of polished metal parts, gleaming gold accents, or futuristic energy effects, adding depth and sophistication to your creations. These markers seamlessly replicate the appearance of real-world materials, elevating your Gundam models to new levels of realism.

3. Versatile Color Palette for Enhanced Creativity: Expand your detailing possibilities with the diverse color selection offered by the Gundam Marker Ultra Fine Set 2 (6pcs). The set includes a range of muted tones with metallic sheens, including rich gold, gleaming silver, gunmetal gray, vibrant red, cosmic blue, and neutral mecha gray. This versatility empowers you to add a touch of elegance, accentuate specific details, or create subtle accents, catering to your creative vision and enhancing the overall aesthetic of your Gundam models.

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Series FAQ

Gundam Ultra Fine Marker Set 2

The newest set of ultra fine Gundam Markers is here, featuring a variety of muted tones with metallic sheens to really customize your Gunpla creations! These markers are best used for the reflective and luminous parts of mobile suits, such as frames, ducts, and more!

Set includes:

  • Gundam Gold
  • Shine Silver
  • Gundam Gun Metallic
  • Royal Metallic Red
  • Cosmo Metallic Blue
  • Gundam Mecha Gray

    Gundam Markers

    Dive into the vibrant world of Gundam customisation with our range of GSi Creos Gundam Marker Pens! Precision-crafted for the dedicated modeler, these pens come with a variety of nib types, catering to your every detailing need. Whether you're panel lining, shading, or colouring, there's a nib just for that....

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    Gundam Markers

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the Gundam Marker Ultra Fine Set 2 (6pcs)?

    The Gundam Marker Ultra Fine Set 2 (6pcs) is a set of six ultra-fine tip markers specifically designed for detailing Gundam model kits. These markers feature a precise, 0.35mm tip that allows for intricate detailing and precise line work. The set includes a variety of muted tones with metallic sheens to add depth and realism to your models.

    What colors are included in the Gundam Marker Ultra Fine Set 2 (6pcs)?

    The Gundam Marker Ultra Fine Set 2 (6pcs) includes the following colors: Gundam Gold: A rich, metallic gold that replicates the appearance of gold accents and details on Gundam models. Shine Silver: A gleaming, metallic silver that captures the look of chrome or polished metal parts. Gundam Gun Metallic: A dark, metallic gray with a subtle hint of gunmetal blue, perfect for replicating the appearance of metallic weapons or frames. Royal Metallic Red: A vibrant, metallic red with a touch of royalty, ideal for adding a touch of color and sophistication to your models. Cosmo Metallic Blue: A deep, metallic blue with a cosmic sheen, reminiscent of energy effects or futuristic accents. Gundam Mecha Gray: A neutral, metallic gray that mimics the appearance of mechanical parts or weathered surfaces.

    How do I use the markers in the Gundam Marker Ultra Fine Set 2 (6pcs)?

    Carefully apply a thin, even coat of the desired marker to the desired areas of your Gundam model. Allow the ink to dry completely before applying additional coats, if necessary, to achieve the desired intensity of the metallic sheen. For a smoother and more even finish, consider applying a primer coat to the surface before applying the markers.

    Are the markers in the Gundam Marker Ultra Fine Set 2 (6pcs) safe for my model kits?

    Yes, the markers in the Gundam Marker Ultra Fine Set 2 (6pcs) are formulated to be safe for use on plastic model kits, including Gundam kits. They are made from high-quality materials that will not damage the plastic or affect the finish of your models.

    What are the benefits of using the Gundam Marker Ultra Fine Set 2 (6pcs)?

    The Gundam Marker Ultra Fine Set 2 (6pcs) offers several benefits for detailing Gundam model kits: Precise Detailing: The ultra-fine tip allows for intricate detailing and precise line work, enabling you to accentuate the contours, panel lines, and intricate details of your Gundam models. Realistic Metallic Finishes: The metallic sheens of the markers add depth, realism, and a touch of elegance to your models, replicating the appearance of real-world materials like gold accents, chrome parts, or energy effects. Variety of Colors: The set includes a diverse range of muted tones with metallic sheens, providing you with the versatility to enhance various aspects of your Gundam models, from subtle accents to bold details. Easy Application: The user-friendly design of the markers ensures effortless application, making them suitable for both beginners and experienced modelers.

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    Amateur Gunpla Builder - cctss (Melbourne, AU)
    Gundam Markers

    In good condition. Easy to use. Did not disappoint.