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Hasepro Gundam Seed Freedom: CAN Badge 1Box 10pcs

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10 random Gundam Seed Freedom can badges! Mobile suits, characters & emblems! Level up your Cosmic Era style. Must-have for fans!
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Key features
  1. Unique & Exciting Can Badge Assortment: Each box features a "dynamic assortment" of 10 can badges. This means you'll get a surprise selection of designs every time, featuring a mix of iconic mobile suits from the series (Freedom Gundam, ZGMF-X10A Kai!), unforgettable characters (Kira Yamato, Lacus Clyne!), and official series emblems. This variety keeps collecting exciting and lets you build your Gundam Seed Freedom badge collection over time.
  2. High-Quality Construction & Vibrant Colors: Made with durable, high-quality materials, these can badges are built to last. The description emphasizes "vibrant colors" ensuring the artwork and designs are displayed with exceptional clarity. This guarantees your badges will look sharp and showcase your Gundam Seed Freedom fandom proudly.
  3. Versatile Display & Wearable Options: These 10-piece can badges offer endless possibilities for displaying your fandom. Attach them to your Ita bag, backpack, or clothing for a personalized touch. Alternatively, create a unique display showcasing your collection or share your love for the series by gifting badges to fellow Gundam Seed Freedom fans!
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Series FAQ

Hasepro Gundam Seed Freedom: CAN Badge 1Box 10pcs

Dive Deeper into CE 71 with the Gundam Seed Freedom Can Badge Collector's Box!

Calling all Gundam Seed Freedom fanatics! Take your fandom to the next level with this exclusive collector's set of 10 can badges. Each box features a unique selection of high-quality badges, transporting you back into the heart of the Cosmic Era!

Here's what awaits you in each Can Badge Box:

  • Iconic Mobile Suits: Witness the awe-inspiring Freedom Gundam, its nemesis ZGMF-X10A Kai, and other legendary mobile suits from the series rendered in detailed badge glory!
  • Unforgettable Characters: Declare your allegiance to Kira Yamato, Lacus Clyne, and the unforgettable cast of characters that make Gundam Seed Freedom so iconic!
  • Series Symbols: Represent your favorite factions and relive epic battles with official logos and emblems from the series!

These versatile 10-piece can badges are perfect for:

  • Transforming your Ita bag or backpack into a mobile Gundam shrine!
  • Adding a touch of Gundam flair to your everyday attire.
  • Creating a unique display showcasing your love for the series.
  • Sharing your fandom with fellow Gundam enthusiasts (they make awesome gifts!)

Made with durable, high-quality materials and vibrant colors, these badges are built to last. They're the perfect way to proudly represent Gundam Seed Freedom wherever you go!

Customer Spotlight: "These badges are incredible! The artwork is amazing, and the quality is top-notch. They're the perfect size for my Ita bag, and I've gotten so many compliments on them. A must-have for any Gundam Seed Freedom fan!" - Amuro N.

Don't miss your chance to collect these exclusive badges! Order your Gundam Seed Freedom Can Badge Box today!

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Gundam Seed Freedom Series

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all the badges in the box the same, or are they random?

The description mentions a "dynamic assortment" of badges, suggesting each box likely contains a random selection of the available designs. This creates an element of surprise and encourages collecting multiple boxes to get the full set!

What size are the can badges?

While the exact size isn't specified, can badges are typically small and designed to be attached to bags, clothing, or displayed on a board. They should be large enough to showcase the designs clearly without being bulky.

Besides mobile suits and characters, are there any other types of badges included?

Yes! The description mentions "series emblems" which could include logos or symbols from different factions within the Gundam Seed Freedom universe.

Is there a way to guarantee I get specific characters or mobile suits on the badges?

Unfortunately, since the box includes random selections, there's no way to guarantee specific designs. However, collecting multiple boxes increases your chances of getting your favorites!

Can these badges be used outdoors?

While the description doesn't explicitly mention outdoor use, can badges are typically made with durable materials that can withstand some weather exposure. However, for long-term outdoor display, it's best to check if the material is specifically designed for outdoor use.

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