Hseng Compressor with Fan, no Air Tank

Airbrush compressor AS18-2, can be widely used in craftwork spraying, hobbies/models, cosmetics, tattoo, tanning, fingernail painting. It can be also used for providing air source for medical, environment protect, aquarium industry, food Industry, chemical industry, laboratory and so on. 
The difference between this compressor with NO AIR TANK is it will continually run whilst you are spraying. Compared to a compressor with a air tank which stores air and only runs when the tank needs topping up.

>>>Does not include Airbrush or accessories<<<
  • Piston type; Oil Free.
  • No Air Tank 
  • Fan for cooling.
  • Air pressure gauge, air filter, pressure adjustable.
  • Moisture trap
  • Auto stop/start.
  • Thermal protection.
  • Low noise ,47db
  • Power: 1/6HP
  • Speed: 1450/1700 r.p.m
  • Air output per min./liters: 20~23L/min
  • Auto stop, start at 3BAR(43psi), stop at 4BAR(57psi)
  • Working pressure: 0~4 bar
  • Weight: 3.6KG
  • Dimension: 255X135X205mm
  • Suitable for airbrush with nozzle 0.2mm~1.0mm.
Type: Modelling

Hseng Compressor with Fan, no Air Tank is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

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