Kotobukiya 1/72 Zoids HMM Beam Gatling Set


Kotobukiya add on accessories are extremely hard to find especially in Australia. Here's the only thing that could make the Dark Horn any more mean-looking: a massive beam cannon! Combine this with your Dark Horn or try to add it on to another kit for that extra firepower you've been looking for!

Parts Set only!  Dark Horn Sold Separately.


  • Hybrid Vulcan
  • Twin Linear Cannon
  • Ground-to-ground missile pod
  • Composite sensor unit
  • Radar unit
  • High pressure concentrated sulfuric acid injection gun
  • Large infrared laser searchlight
  • Energy tube

Kotobukiya 1/72 Zoids HMM Beam Gatling Set is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.