Kotobukiya 1/72 Zoids HMM RZ-041 Liger Zero Jager Markings Plus Ver.


We are grateful to get our hands on these. The kit is exactly the same as the original release, but it includes water slide decals.

The Liger Zero Jager is fast and agile, just like the blue hedgehog it vaguely resembles!
In all seriousness, this is a mean-looking machine. The external appearance can be altered with the included Jager unit, so you basically get two final products in one kit! The armor is a distinctive navy color, and the large boosters on the back are striking in appearance. The large adjustable booster ion can move horizontally and vertically, as can the other wings on the back and hind legs. The armour wing and side thrusters also expand! And of course, the Strike Laser Claw can be recreated. We love this kit!

Also, Liger is available in these other characters, Panzer, Schneider and Original Liger Zero. 

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