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MegaHouse 1/144 Realistic Model Series Mobile Suit Gundam The Witch From Mercury G Structure [GS07-B] MS Container (Material Colour Edition)

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Display or customise! This G-Structure MS Container (Material Colour Edition) from "The Witch from Mercury" is pre-assembled & painted. Fits 1/144 Mobile Suits (sold separately)
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Key features
  1. Pre-Assembled for Display or Customization: Enjoy a smooth build experience with the container's pre-assembled sections, allowing you to focus on adding your own personal touch with paint or decals (sold separately).
  2. Material Color Edition: This unique version boasts a pre-painted base with a subtle, realistic color scheme, offering a display-ready model straight out of the box.
  3. Mobile Suit Sanctuary: The container features a spacious interior designed to hold various 1/144 scale Mobile Suits from "The Witch from Mercury" (sold separately), like the iconic Gundam Aerial and Dilanza, letting you recreate memorable scenes or stage your own mobile suit battles.
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Series FAQ

MegaHouse 1/144 Realistic Model Series Mobile Suit Gundam The Witch From Mercury G Structure [GS07-B] MS Container (Material Colour Edition)

Unveiling the Arsenal! Own the Iconic Mobile Suit Container from "The Witch from Mercury"!

Bring the world of "Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury" to life with this meticulously detailed 1/144 scale model of the G-Structure [GS07-B] MS Container (Material Colour Edition). This is not just any container; it's the heart of mobile suit deployment, a symbol of strategic might and the backdrop to countless battles.

Experience the thrill of assembly:

  • Pre-assembled for ease: Enjoy a smooth building experience with the container's pre-assembled sections, allowing you to focus on the details that matter.
  • Material Colour Edition: This unique version boasts a pre-painted base with a subtle colour scheme, ready for further customization or display as-is.
  • Authentic details: Every panel, hatch, and marking is faithfully replicated, capturing the industrial aesthetic of the G-Structure.
  • A home for your heroes: The container boasts a spacious interior compatible with various Mobile Suits (sold separately) like the Gundam Aerial and Dilanza, letting you recreate epic hangar scenes or stage your own mobile suit showdowns.

This is more than just a model; it's a portal to the thrilling world of "The Witch from Mercury." Order your 1/144 G-Structure MS Container today and unleash the epic possibilities!

Mobile Suit Gundam The Witch From Mercury Series

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Mobile Suit Gundam The Witch From Mercury Series

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the 1/144 G-Structure MS Container pre-painted, or does it require painting?

The "Material Color Edition" comes pre-painted with a subtle color scheme, but you can further customize it with additional paint (sold separately).

Does the 1/144 G-Structure MS Container come with any Mobile Suits?

No, the container comes alone. Mobile Suits like the Gundam Aerial and Dilanza are sold separately.

What scale is the 1/144 G-Structure MS Container?

As the name suggests, the container is 1/144th the size of its original design.

How easy is it to assemble the 1/144 G-Structure MS Container?

This model kit is designed for ease of assembly, featuring pre-assembled sections. However, some experience with model building might be helpful.

Can the 1/144 G-Structure MS Container hold other Mobile Suits besides the ones mentioned?

While the container is designed for specific Mobile Suits, its spacious interior might fit smaller models depending on their size and design. It's recommended to check compatibility information before purchase.

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