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Plex Jumbo Soft Vinyl Figure SD RX-78-2 SD Gundam Gashapon

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Conquer cuteness overload with the 9" Jumbo Soft Vinyl Figure SD RX-78-2 Gundam! This chibi hero boasts poseable arms & head, detachable beam rifle/saber & shield, all in huggable soft vinyl. Perfect for Gundam fans of all ages, it brings iconic mecha charm to life with bonus eye stickers for personalized expressions. Unleash the adorable warrior within!
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Key features
  1. Chibi Cuteness Overload: Meet the Jumbo Soft Vinyl Figure SD RX-78-2 Gundam, an explosion of adorable mecha might condensed into 9 inches of pure huggability! Big ol' eyes sparkle with chibi determination, stubby limbs primed for playful adventures, and that iconic V-fin antenna stands proud even in miniaturized glory. Don't let the cuteness fool you though, this little warrior packs a punch of personality!
  2. Poseable Playtime: Unlike your average action figure, this Gundam is all about interactive fun. Articulated arms and head let you recreate iconic scenes from the anime or invent your own chibi Gundam shenanigans. Raise the mighty shield, wield the detachable beam rifle or beam saber, and strike heroic poses that'll melt even Zeon hearts. ️
  3. Squishy Squad Goals: Made from soft, high-quality vinyl, this jumbo Gundam is built for endless playtime adventures. Embrace the cuddles, withstand battlefield tumbles (because even heroes need naps!), and let the squishy goodness bring a smile to faces of all ages. Perfect for Gundam fans or anyone who appreciates a good dose of adorable mecha charm!
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Series FAQ

Plex Jumbo Soft Vinyl Figure SD RX-78-2 SD Gundam Gashapon

Behold, the Jumbo Soft Vinyl Figure SD RX-78-2 Gundam: It's not your average robot, it's an adorable explosion of cuteness and mecha might!

Imagine this, a chubby Gundam, squished into the irresistibly huggable proportions of an SD (Super Deformed) hero. Big eyes sparkle with determination, stubby limbs wiggle with anticipation, and that iconic V-fin antenna stands tall, even in miniaturized glory.

But don't let the cuteness fool you! This little warrior packs a punch. Made from squishy-soft vinyl, it's built for endless playtime adventures. Wield the detachable beam rifle or beam saber, raise the mighty shield, and strike heroic poses that'll melt even Zeon hearts.

Here's why this jumbo softie is your new best friend:

  • 9 inches of pure Gundam adorableness: Big enough to cuddle, small enough to conquer your desk.
  • Poseable arms and head: Recreate iconic scenes or invent your own Gundam shenanigans.
  • Interchangeable weapons: Beam rifle, beam saber, shield – choose your tool of chibi justice!
  • Soft vinyl for squishy fun: Embrace the cuddles, withstand battlefield tumbles (because even heroes need naps).
  • Perfect for Gundam fans of all ages: From nostalgic adults to wide-eyed youngsters, this Gundam brings smiles to everyone.

So, ready to add some chibi-fied awesome to your life?

Grab your Jumbo Soft Vinyl Figure SD RX-78-2 Gundam today! It's the mecha hug you never knew you needed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How big is this adorable Gundam?

He's not just jumbo, he's 9 inches of pure chibi cuteness! That's perfect for cuddling, displaying on your desk, or taking on epic desk-based adventures. Imagine the mighty RX-78-2 shrunk down to an irresistibly huggable size!

Can you pose him like a regular Gundam?

Absolutely! This little warrior isn't just adorable, he's articulated at the arms and head. Recreate iconic Gundam poses like the heroic beam rifle stance or invent your own silly chibi adventures.

Does he come with any weapons?

He's ready for action! The Jumbo SD Gundam comes with three detachable weapons: a beam rifle, a beam saber, and even a shield. He's got everything he needs to defend Earth (or your bookshelf) from Zeon forces (or rogue dust bunnies).

Is he soft enough for kids to play with?

Squishy soft! This Gundam is made from high-quality vinyl that's perfect for playtime snuggles and epic battles. He's durable enough to withstand even the most enthusiastic young heroes (and naps, because even chibi heroes need rest).

Is this just for Gundam fans?

Not at all! The adorable SD style and squishy charm make this Gundam irresistible for everyone, from nostalgic adults to wide-eyed youngsters. He's the perfect way to introduce new generations to the world of Gundam, or just add some chibi mecha cuteness to your life.

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