Kotobukiya HMM Zoids Iron Kong Yeti 10% OFF CLEARANCE SALE

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The Iron Kong Yeti Zoid, used by both the Zenebas and Guylos Empires, has joined the Highend Master Model (HMM) series by Kotobukiya!

You can recreate the Iron Kong MK-2 look by simply attaching the maneuvering thruster unit to its back. You can also attach the Anti-Zoid 6-Barreled Missile Launcher or the Beam Gatling Set to the model. An all-clear version of the standard clear green parts of the model will be included in this kit as an additional bonus item for optimal customization options. Be sure to add this Zoid to your collection!


  • The cockpit hatch on the head can be opened and closed, allowing for a pilot figure to be placed inside.
  • The Zoid Core inside the torso can be removed.
  • The 10-Shot Self-Guided Rocket Bomb Launcher on the model's shoulder can be opened and closed.
  • The large vernier High Maneuver Booster Pack on the back are adjustable vernier thrusters. The vernier stabilizers are also adjustable and can be set horizontally.
  • On the right side of the High Maneuver Booster Pack, you can attach the Anti-Zoid 6-Barreled Missile Launcher or the Beam Gatling Set (using the appropriate attachments).
  • The clear parts on the head, including the cockpit, laser sensor, etc. come in the standard clear green as well as a clear color for your preference.
  • The kit includes a variety of detailed decals that can be used to customize the model.


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