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compliation of gundam panel lining pens & set

How To Panel Line a Gundam Model Using a Gundam Marker Pen

How To Panel Line a Gundam Model Using a Gundam Marker Pen

Panel lining is a fun and simple technique to make your Gundam model look more realistic. Panel lining is also an awesome way for you to express your creative self. There is no right or wrong when doing this. And You don't have to be an artist either. Learn to work with your emotions you are feeling at the time, don't fight them - just acknowledge them and say "you've got this!" And remember to breathe. I also want to acknowledge there are other ways to panel line a Gundam kit and other techniques you can learn such as scribing (the art of creating more detail) you can learn. But that's for another time.  Now lets get back to drawing that first line!

compliation picture of ultra fine marker application and indetifying the nib of the marker pen

To begin, you'll need a Gundam model kit to practise on (we recommend choosing one of your least favourite models), choose the colour of your Gundam panel lining marker (usually black, grey or brown) and a piece of copy paper to practice on. Start by practicing your lines on the paper to get a feel for the thickness of the lines the marker leaves. A light pressure = thinner line. Don't push down too heavily on the markers nib (tip) this will damage it, leading to wider lines. When you're feeling confident, look for the panel lines in a inconspicuous place on your Gundam model kit to begin with and follow the natural lines of the model (see the image below). Use a continuous & controlled stroke to fill in the panel line. Try not to go over a line you have already made as this will result in a thicker line. You can add as little or as much panel lines to your work. We recommend using a erasure marker pen to clean up any excess ink. You can also use a soft pencil erasure (rubber) to remove any excess ink too. Leave the ink to dry (24hrs) before attempting to do any more work on the piece. Once you're finished, you'll have a nicely detailed Gundam model kit to admire!

Before and after applying a black ultra fine panel liner marker pen


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