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7 Points to Help You Deal with Buyers Remorse.

7 Points to Help You Deal with Buyers Remorse.

7 Points to Help You Deal with Buyers Remorse.

One of our customers said recently to me after buying another Gunpla and placing a few pre-orders that they were struck down by a serious case of buyers’ remorse. I thought, why would anyone feel this way? After all it’s something you really love doing. So I thought to myself this needs further investigation. So, what is buyer’s remorse? Does such a thing exist? Does it affect your buying habits? Can you overcome it? Can I help in any way?

At the end of this blog there is a list of 7 points to use to assist you overcome this feeling. Its also great to read if you are feeling self-doubt about spending time on any hobby that is causing any internal conflict and generating negative emotion. In a separate blog post I will take a look into the topic of managing your expectations vs reality. 

As I dug a little deeper and found out that most of us at some time will suffer from this feeling inside. During the actual purchase the feeling of remorse is overpowered by positive emotions – thrill of the buy and exciting thoughts of it arriving and building it. After the positivity subsides this feeling of remorse becomes stronger. It even has its own name, “cognitive dissonance.” Meaning you feel psychologically uncomfortable. You have conflicting thoughts happening inside of you. After buying a kit (or anything) you might be feeling “I can’t afford this right now or did I need this right now. In more extreme cases, anxiety is driving your feeling – did I just pay too much, what will key people in my life think of my purchase. Severe anxiety attacks can be a sign of much deeper issues and should be discussed with a medical professional.

In the end, buyer’s remorse is dealt with internally. You will try to justify the decision as a good one knowing that any other decision might have led to a much worse outcome. If you are still struggling, I suggest trying to reinforce your purchase decision by reading the following:- 

7 Points of Positivity and Optimism.

  • Building gundam models encourages me to use problem-solving skills. Assembling the pieces into a cohesive model requires patience, focus and attention to detail.
  • Working with gundam models helps me to develop fine motor skills. Assembling and painting the models requires delicate hand movements that help strengthen the small muscles.
  • Building gundam models can be a great source of relaxation and stress relief. Taking the time to focus on a creative hobby can be an excellent way to clear my head and reduce stress levels.
  • Working with gundam models can boost my self-esteem. Completing a model and seeing the result of my hard work can be a great feeling of accomplishment.
  • Building gundam models allows me to learn new techniques and skills. With each new model I build, I can learn new methods of assembly, painting and detailing.
  • Building gundam models can be a great way to make new friends. The gundam model community is full of passionate hobbyists who can help me learn more about the hobby.
  • Building gundam models can be a great way to express your creativity. With each new model, I can use different colours, techniques, and styles to create something unique.


We are not claiming to be experts in this field and have compiled this information after researching the topic quite extensively. The information is supplied to you with good & honest intentions. If you feel you need help in this area please consult a medical professional.  

Fact Checked by:- 

Grant Thomson
MCouns, BSW (Hons1), BA, MAASW (Acc.), AMHSW, PACFA
Accred. Mental Health Social Worker (Provider No. 022344L)
Accred. Clinical Counsellor


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