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How to Remove Gundam Marker from a Kit

How to Remove Gundam Marker from a Kit

How to Remove Gundam Marker from a Kit

Made a mistake with your Gundam Marker? 

If you been a little too generous applying your marker to your kit, or messed up a panel line, don't panic it can be fixed. You can use the GSI Creos Erasure Gundam marker (GM300) or purchase some rubbing alcohol/isopropyl from your local chemist or hardware.

Please be aware this is a flammable chemical and poisonous/hazardous if ingested, keep away from your eyes and should be kept away from children. Use in a well ventilated space. 

Use a q-tip/cotton swab and coat the one end of the q-tip with the rubbing alcohol, then gently start applying the wet q-tip to the area you need to clean up. Using gentle strokes over the painted area until the q-tip becomes heavily discoloured and appears to be loosing its effectiveness. Use as many clean q-tips as necessary until the desired result has been achieved. 

Gundam Express Australia what you need to clean up any excess gundam marker from your build


Make sure you store your markers with the lid on and in a dry and cool location and away from direct sunlight. Give them a good shake before and after use.

Cleaning a Dirty Marker Tip.

If the felt nib of your Gundam marker becomes dirty or has excess dried paint on it, use a q-tip wet with rubbing alcohol to gently clean the tip. Do not soak the nib of the pen directly in rubbing alcohol. Use a old cloth or tissues to wipe the nib clean afterwards. Alternatively carefully pull the tip directly out of the pen to clean. Careful not to damage the tip in the process and avoid using a side to side motion. Hold the marker upright with the tip pointing straight up and remove. Warm water can be effect to clean the tip when removed from the pen casing. If unwanted residue remains apply rubbing alcohol. Wipe clean and and carefully reinsert.

Please don't apply a Gundam marker over the top of an pre-painted surface. A Gundam marker will dissolved most other paints.

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