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What Are the Different Types of Gundam Marker Tips.

What Are the Different Types of Gundam Marker Tips.

Mr Hobby/GSI Creos Gundam markers come in three different tip styles. 

  1. Ultra thin tip
  2. Chisel tip
  3. Brush tip

The Ultra Thin Tip 

These markers are coded GM01, GM02 & GM03 and come in three colours black, grey and brown. The tip is hard and approximately 0.5mm in diameter. It is perfect to use for a technique called panel lining (please refer to our blog post How to panel line with a Gundam marker). The result is a 3D type illusion and appearance. 

The Chisel Tip

Is a broader chisel shaped hard felt tip that comes in a huge selection of plain and metallic colours as well as hologram/pearlescent special effects. Clear gloss and matt markers have also been developed. This type of pen tip is best for applying larger surfaces with colour. Apply the colour in the same direction with even and firm pressure. Pressing down the tip on the plastic surface will allow more paint to flow from the tip.

The Brush Tip

Is perhaps the most flexible of the tips. The broader tip is for creating thicker lines and is excellent for accessing into harder to get to places. These markers can sometimes have tips at either end and are different in size (real touch markers)

Drying Time.

Drying time is dependant on many factors. Temperature and humidity can effect drying times. The thickness of applied paint can also slow down drying. Some lighter applications such as panel lining can take under an hour to dry. Thicker paint applications can take 24 -48 hours to completely cure. 

Key Point is not to rush and undo all your great work by being too impatient! Let it dry completely.