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Who is the Strongest Gundam?  - Top 10 Ranked

Who is the Strongest Gundam? - Top 10 Ranked

Who is the Strongest Gundam? - Top 10 Ranked

Mobile Suit Gundam Showdown: Who's the Real Heavyweight Champion? 

Ever pondered, amidst a bite of your favourite snack, or daydreaming whilst listening to a tune, which Gundam takes the crown as the ultimate powerhouse? We've all been there, especially during those thrilling binge-watching sessions or heated debates with pals. Today, let's settle this score with a sprinkle of facts and a dash of fun.

The Contender's Corner 🥊

1. Turn A Gundam (from ∀ Gundam).

Can we talk about the ultimate tech-wrecker? Turn A Gundam doesn’t just defeat opponents; it sends them back to the stone age with its "Moonlight Butterfly" ability. Imagine an enormous cosmic butterfly erasing all the tech on Earth. Bet you'd hold onto your smartphone tight, wouldn’t you?

2. Unicorn Gundam (from Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn).

Ah, the Unicorn, with its shimmering psycho frame and the cool-sounding NT-D (Newtype Destroyer) System. When it's not looking splendid, it's busy countering those pesky Newtype abilities. A true beast when unleashed!

3. Strike Freedom Gundam (from Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny).

Talk about an overachiever. The Strike Freedom doesn't just stop at fancy wings; it takes firepower to another level with the METEOR system. And piloted by Kira Yamato? Double trouble!

4. God Gundam (from Mobile Fighter G Gundam).

You don’t slap 'God' on just any Gundam's name. Tailored for toe-to-toe combat, when it hits "Hyper Mode," it’s basically the universe screaming, "Run, other Gundams, run!"

5. Wing Gundam Zero Custom EW (from Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz).

This guy pulls up, flaunts those angelic wings, and casually wields a twin buster rifle that can decimate space colonies. All in a day’s work!

6. Barbatos Lupus Rex (from Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans).

The very name sounds like it came straight out of a gladiator movie. A melee combat lover, Barbatos is the answer to the question, "What if a Gundam had the soul of a wild beast?"

7. Gundam Exia (from Mobile Suit Gundam 00).

A sword that can slice through almost anything? Check. A look that screams, "I mean business"? Double check. Gundam Exia is like that friend who always comes over-prepared, even for a casual hangout.

8. Zeta Gundam (from Mobile Suit Gundam Zeta).

A pioneer in its era, the Zeta doesn't just fly - it transforms! Picture turning your car into a jet ski when there's traffic. Talk about arriving in style!

9. Gundam F91 (from Mobile Suit Gundam F91).

Small but mighty, the F91 dazzles with afterimages that leave foes scratching their heads. It’s like trying to catch a mirage - good luck with that!

10. Gundam 00 Qan[T] (from Mobile Suit Gundam 00 The Movie).

If Gundams had an Olympic sprinter, it would be Qan[T]. With its Quantum System, the term "blink and you'll miss it" takes on a literal sense.

Who Else Deserves an Honourable Mention?

The Gundam multiverse is vast and dynamic, with many powerful mobile suits that could easily challenge those on the list. Here are some potential runners-up that are noteworthy in terms of their power, abilities, and influence within their respective series

1. RX-78-2 Gundam (from Mobile Suit Gundam 0079).

The OG! The one that started it all. While it might not have the flashy specs of the newer models, it's iconic and was groundbreaking in its time, setting the standard for future Gundams.

2. Gundam AGE-FX (from Mobile Suit Gundam AGE).

Armed with the C-Funnels, this Gundam can perform rapid attacks and solid defences. Its Burst Mode makes it exceptionally powerful.

3. Nu Gundam (from Char's Counterattack).

An iconic unit piloted by Amuro Ray, equipped with fin funnels that can deliver both ranged and melee attacks. A classic rivalry with Char's Sazabi makes it legendary.

4. Gundam Double X (from After War Gundam X).

With twin satellite cannons, it can unleash massive firepower, especially when fully charged by the moon's microwave energy.

GEA Gundam Double X Image v1

5. Sazabi (from Char's Counterattack).

Okay, it's not a "Gundam," but Char's Sazabi deserves a mention. As a counterpart to the Nu Gundam, it's a beast in combat, and their showdown is stuff of Gundam legend.

Sazabi from Char's Counterattack

6. Gundam Dynames (from Mobile Suit Gundam 00).

A master sniper! With its GN Full Shield and an exceptional targeting system, it's the perfect long-range combat unit.

MG Gundam Dynames

7. G-Self (from Gundam: Reconguista in G).

Equipped with various packs, it can adapt to multiple combat situations. Its Reflectors can deflect beam attacks, making it a tough opponent.

Gundam G-Self from Rocognista in G


The beauty of the Gundam universe lies in its rich history and the myriad of units with their unique capabilities. While some might be standout "powerhouses," each Gundam and its pilot bring a distinct flavour to their series. The runners-up are just as vital to the narrative, often challenging or complementing the lead units, making the stories richer and more engaging. 

But, Who’s the Real MVP? 🤔

If we had to point at one, the Turn A Gundam might be our champ. Just consider the ability to decimate an entire civilization's technology. It’s like having the remote when everyone else wants to watch a different show – ultimate power!

But hey, it's all in good fun. Remember, the "strength" of a Gundam is sometimes in the eye of the beholder. Whichever Gundam gets your vote, one thing's for sure – they're all legends in their own right.

So, the next time you're building a model or debating with friends, drop some of these fun facts. They might just agree with you, or, you know, launch into a two-hour-long counterargument. Either way, happy Gundam-ing!