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A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Gundam Grades

A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Gundam Grades

A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Gundam Grades

In this blog, we're embarking on an educational journey where size, detail, and charm collide in the fantastic world of Gunpla! We’ll take you on a vibrant voyage across the vast expanse of Gundam model grades.

It’s time to buckle up and explore the universe of possibilities within each Gundam model kit, where every piece connects us to a world of wonder, fun, and camaraderie. Read on to learn more!

Entry Grade (EG) 

Price Range: $15- $29


The Entry Grade (EG) Gundam range offers a perfect introduction to the world of Gunpla. Designed for beginners, these kits feature simple and effortless assembly without the need for glue. Pre-coloured parts ensure vibrant aesthetics, eliminating the need for painting. Say goodbye to tools; the easy twist-off parts make construction a breeze. 

Affordable pricing makes them accessible to all enthusiasts, and they showcase popular mobile suits like the RX-78-2 Gundam and Strike Gundam and Nu Gundam With an average height of 11 cm these compact models capture the essence of Gundam and make for impressive displays in any collection. 

High Grade (HG)

Price Range: $16 - $144


Jumping right into the world of Gunpla? High Grade (HG) models are your new best pals! They are a great size and have plenty of detail, HG models are the go-to for most builders. These 1/144 scale kits are budget-friendly, easy to construct, and offer the biggest variety across the whole Gunpla range.

With more flexibility than the cute SD models, HGs let your creativity shine with dynamic poses. As your building prowess grows, these kits become the perfect canvas for honing your painting and weathering skills. Sure, older HGs have quirks, but who doesn't? The modern ones have evolved beautifully, boasting better engineering and features like inner frames.

Real Grade (RG)

Price Range: $47 - $116


These miniature marvels, which debuted in 2010 to mark Gundam's 30th Anniversary, embody the brilliance of Bandai's engineering.

RG Gundam kits provide a delightful balance of complexity and compactness. They unite the intricate skeletal inner frame characteristic of the Master Grade models with the convenient 1/144 scale of the High-Grade kits. This blend makes RG models an alluring choice for builders who relish the compact size of HG kits, but thirst for an elevated, more detail-oriented building experience.

However, the magic of RG continues after aesthetics. These kits are renowned for their incredible range of articulation, enabled by a pre-molded, fully mobile inner frame. The innovative design permits shifting armour pieces and moving parts, adding a dynamic aspect that's sure to thrill any builder.

 Master Grade (MG)

Price Range: $58 - $236


Master Grade (MG) Gundam kits are where our shared Gunpla passion truly comes to life. Standing proudly at approximately 18cm + tall, these 1/100 scale MG kits captivate us with their immersive detail and larger-than-life presence. MG Gundam models bring out the true craftsmanship of Gunpla, their complexity making them an absolute joy to assemble for all of us who thrive on intricate, hands-on creativity.

Now, what makes MG kits really stand out? Well, the answer lies beneath the surface. Literally! These models are built around an inner skeleton, giving them enhanced articulation and solidity that makes for a fantastic build and a sturdy finished product. The presence of this inner frame allows us to add layers of armour, creating a truly realistic effect that we all love.

Supre Deformed (SD) & Cross Silhouette (SDCS)

Price Range: $10 - $40


SD Gundam kits are the cutest little models you'll find on our Gunpla shelf. With their big heads, shortened bodies, and 'chibi' style proportions, Super Deformed Gundam are absolutely bursting with charm. They may not have the advanced possibility or intricate detail of the other grades, but let's face it – who can resist that cuteness overload?

The joy of building SD Gundam kits is in their simplicity. They're designed for easy assembly – you can even pop the parts straight off the runner without nippers! Stickers add to the fun, allowing you to customize your SD and bring out its character. Some SD kits even give you multiple eye options for that extra touch of personality.

Perfect Grade (PG)

Price Range: above $250 - $500


Lastly, we're shining the spotlight on the crown jewel of Gunpla: Perfect Grade Gundam (PG). They're the absolute beauty, standing tall at a scale of 1/60. These kits are detailed to the point of absolute joy, bringing in smiles with every single part. They're so intricate that each finger's movement and articulation are represented, making them a unique treat for the eyes.

Sure, these babies are pricier, but don't let that deter you, the value is absolutely outstanding! Think of it as an investment, bringing you not only a fantastic model kit but also a beautifully designed box that would make any Gunpla-Kun green with envy.

What's really cool about PG Gundam kits is their ability to integrate LED lighting systems within them. Imagine, your Gundam glowing with the power of a thousand stars, isn't that fantastic? Keep in mind, these lighting systems usually come separately, but they're worth every cent.

Wrapping Things Up 

The Gundam world offers model kits to suit every builder's skill level, budget, and interest. From the beginner-friendly, affordable High Grade (HG) kits, the miniaturized marvels of Real Grade (RG) that blend complexity and compactness, to the intricate and hands-on Master Grade (MG) kits. Not to forget the fun, cute, and easy-to-build Super Deformed (SD) kits, and the impressive, ultra-detailed, and large-scale Perfect Grade (PG) kits. Understanding the different grades of Gundam models can help you make the right choice for your building experience. Whether you're just starting out or looking for a challenging build, there's a Gundam model waiting for you.

Happy building!