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What are the Best Beginner Gundam Model Kits?

What are the Best Beginner Gundam Model Kits?

What are the Best Beginner Gundam Model Kits?

What are the Best Gundam Model Kits for Beginners?

Starting any new hobby can be an overwhelming experience and Gunpla is no exception. But we’re here to reassure you it doesn’t have to be this way.

Are Gundam Model Kits Confusing for Beginners?

You’re about to enter the Gundam Universe for the first time, which has one of the largest followings in the world. Building “Gunpla” (meaning Gundam Model Kit) as a hobby attracts millions of builders each year. Each builder has a different “why” they choose to build Gunpla. Each builder feels the adrenaline rush of the purchase. Each builder marvels at the level of distraction the building gives them. Resulting in a sensory overload full of wow, achievement, and total satisfaction. Each builder was also a beginner at some point - just like you may be. 

Gunpla building can be anything you want it to be. That’s the special thing about it, a snap-together build (no glue), parts are pre-coloured (no painting) and you just put it together, pose, and display. Add your own personal touches if you like, by adding decals, a panel line or two, a splash of paint, or even a complete customisation.

At GEA we’ve received hundreds of emails asking us the same questions: Where do you start? Answer:- Many choose to jump in at the deep end and begin by watching one of the many Gundam anime and choose a character they like, then see if there is a model kit of that character to build. Others join one of the thousands of communities or social pages out there wanting some answers. Whilst others just choose a kit they like the look of and jump right in. You could choose any of these options and have an awesome experience. But how much of your valuable time has passed by? Our next most asked question by beginners: - What do all these different grades mean? There’s entry grade (EG) & first grade (FG), super deformed (SD), high grade (HG), master grade (MG), real grade (RG) or perfect grade (PG). Let’s be honest it’s a complete nightmare for a noob (new to the hobby). 

That’s why we’ve designed a range of Gundam Beginner Boxes just for you!

We’ve made choosing a Gundam Express Australia Beginner Box a fun and worry-free way to enter the hobby. Choosing any 1 of our 5 awesome Beginner Boxes will get you building your first Gundam model kit in no time at all. 

Here’s what you need to know straight up – Gundam kits are snap assembly which means no glue is needed and they come moulded in colour, so you build them and display them. It’s honestly why Gunpla is so popular, building the model and it looks awesome straight out of the box (some Gunpla tragic will point out that circa 1980s kits did require glue and a screwdriver haha).

Our Gundam Express Australia Beginner Box is the answer to your most asked question. “I’m new to the hobby and I want to know what the best kit is to start with and what tools do I need to build them?” This is a great question and honestly, there are literally hundreds of kits and so many hobby tools we could recommend. 

On the topic of hobby tools, we here at Gundam Express Australia have simplified the whole process of buying your first hobby tools for you and removed the guesswork! All our Beginner Boxes contain the essential hobby tools you need to start building. 

How to Choose the Best Beginner Gundam Kits 

The Beginner Box – Value is the most economical way to enter the hobby and includes an Entry Grade (EG) Gundam kit, hobby knife & pair of nippers. 

We keep things nice and simple in our Value Plus Beginner Box. Everything in the Value box is included plus you get some sanding sponges and a Gundam ultra-fine marker pen for panel lining (add additional detail). Both Value and Value Plus Beginner boxes offer excellent value for a little coin.  

Our Deluxe Beginner Box gives you 2 different EG models to build plus a 22 piece tool set that includes nearly every tool you will ever need to build your Gunpla. You also get an ultra-fine marker pen for panel lining, sanding sponge set, and a very handy parts separating tool. 

The Ultimate Beginner Boxes and there are 2! Each contains an EG kit and introduces you to a High Grade (HG) kit. You get the 22-piece tool set, sanding sponges, Nano Glass Grinding & polishing file, parts separator, sprue holder/stand, and an ultra-fine Gundam marker. Plus, and this is the main difference between the 2 Ultimate Boxes, you get to own the most amazing pair of single blade nippers. You choose between Dspiae Ultimate Nipper ST-A 3.0 or Godhand SPN-120 Ultimate Nipper 5.0. If the idea of starting a hobby is the very best, then you can’t pass up either one of these ultimate boxes!

We’ve even put together some great how-to blog articles. They will help you get an even bigger head start:-

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Buy a Beginner Gunpla Kit at Gundam Express Australia

Love what you’ve heard and are excited to start building your very first Gundam? Check out our collection of Gundam Beginner Boxes and start your journey today!


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